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Summer Holiday to France, via Alpine passes

My PC 800 had electric problems and I got to borrow my brothers bike. I had to mount the trailer hitch,Corbin saddle, Clearview screen, GPS to get it as I wanted and is used too. Torill rode her Transalp and for the first time abroad. The tour was a total of 4984 kilometer long.

The only rain we had on the trip was on the trip to Egersund to take the ferry from Egersund to Denmark.

By the motorway in Germany. Arvid had to have his usual smoking stop.

Outside Jens's house in Kassel, picking up Olav's Bagster tank bag.

Vidar and Torill at the border to France.

Camping Moulhouse. Arvid trying to pump some air into the mattress.

Camping means work!! Where shall we start?

It was very hot and here we had to take a break just to sit in the shadow.

A beautiful view with a ruined castle as background.

Ruined castle

Beautiful scenery on our way through the Alps.

-- and more beautiful scenery!

Col de Vars at 2111 m.

We took a rest at the top of Col de Vars.

Vidar had to buy some sweets at the top.

This is what Arvid means is "Motorcycle roads"!

It was hot even if we were at the height of 2109 meters.

Father and son enjoying the beautiful scenery.

At the rear side of Résidence "Le Galion" in Cap d'Antibes where we stayed for one week.

From the front of Résidence "Le Galion"

Vidar enjoyed the swimming pool.

Vidar flirting with som French girls

The beach "La Garoupe" in Cap d'Antibes

Vidar enjoying his Pizza Margherita and Arvid with his mussel's

Vidar enjoying his alcoholic free special made drink!

Vidar playing minigolf together with a French boy that stayed at de same appartment as us.

From the beach in Cap d'Antibes.

Torill enjoying a drink at the terrace.

Mother and son!

The old town in Antibes

The harbour in Antibes

The harbour in Antibes with one of many "small" cabincruisers in the background

Vidar is looking for something to buy in the old town of Antibes

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